Detox Experience

Health, just like happiness, comes from within…

September 8-19, 2023



Cleansing is one of our body’s primary healing processes and now is the perfect time to focus on this powerful ability.

Join me for the 12-day Detox Experience where I will guide you through a gentle, yet very effective detox program that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

This virtual retreat is designed for those beautiful beings who want to improve their overall health and diet but don’t know where and how to start.

The highlight of this retreat will be learning how to use enemas at home which increases the benefits of any detox program but is overlooked quite often by many.

This program will help your body to reset itself and give your immune system a much needed boost. As a result you will feel more vibrant and energized and become more clear in your mind as the gut and brain are closely related. You may receive many other benefits but I would rather leave them for you to discover as a pleasant surprise.


The Detox Experience consists of 2 parts: 5 days of Preparation Time & 7 Days of Detox Retreat.


Pre-detox materials (recommended literature, shopping list, dietary suggestions, etc)


Specially designed 7-day menu that can be adjusted based on your needs


Recipes that are cleansing while being highly nutritious and easy to make*


Lots of great tips and suggestions to keep your health in tip-top shape during and after the retreat


Recorded foam roller sequence and a short morning yoga routine


My support and guidance throughout the whole retreat


Personal attention and guidance for each participant with necessary modifications of the program based on your needs


 Lectures and Q&A sessions with Julia


Learning how to use an enema**


36-hour water fast


Post-retreat suggestions


Access to private FB group and course information for 3 months

*My approach is eclectic as it combines the essence of various dietary regimes that’s why you will see some macrobiotic, raw food and even ayurvedic recipes on the menu.

**Enema helps treating lots of conditions such as fever, runny nose, constipation, diarrhea, improves skin condition, ease the allergy, boosts the immune system and so much more


Upon completion of this retreat:


You will be able to execute a 24 or 36 hour water fast safely on your own


You will be able to use enema by yourself at any time


You will become more tuned in with your body and its needs


You will be able to enhance your diet, your energy level and well-being with new recipes and health tips that you will learn about during this retreat


You will feel lighter and happier in your body and mind


This program is for open-minded people who are serious about their health and well-being and ready for a change.

This program is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with serious health conditions.


The price for this course is 330 EURO.


In order to apply for this course, fill out the form below to receive the Application/Health Evaluation Form to determine if this program suits you.


I already bragged about this retreat to 4 of my close girlfriends, each of which are into spirituality, healthy eating, and mindfulness. They all know that I struggle with keeping things in balance, especially when it comes to food. I’m a person of extremes. One month I’m vegan then I eat meat every day, then I’m cleansing and then I’m again eating everything without thinking. With this program, I built a foundation for healthy eating. Now I know what to consume if my body feels hot, cold, tired, depleted, heavy. I learnt about my cravings and reactions to certain foods and water fast. I genuinely feel that I finally have more understanding of how to treat my body in a loving way and it’s exciting! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Julia, for including me in this program as it’s become a starting point of a new me.

I am amazed at how quickly my body reacted and changed in this short time. The powerful detoxification, the enema that helped me to remove toxins even faster. Which made me rise the next day as reborn. I’m glad that I not only experienced this myself but that you can already see through the photo before and after this enormous difference. I am so grateful to Julia for this offer, the opportunity and the fantastic guidance in this! I am ready for this new start in my life! Namasté

The detoxification program created by Julia absolutely exceeded my expectations. This program provided me with knowledge and tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Her recipes healed my body and her loving approach healed my soul. She was so attentive to everyone’s needs and always available to help with any concerns. After this program, my energy is through the roof and my skin is glowing. Thank you so much, Julia!

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