Thank you for your interest in our Yoga Retreat!

Here are a few more things to know about our retreat…

The retreat will take place in a Buddhist Temple (its territory is quite big). We will be staying in small separate houses (2 people per house) with private bathroom. 

While at the Temple please dress in a modest manner and have your shoulders and knees covered as the monks will be around. If you have an open-shoulder top that you would like to wear you can just cover your shoulders with a light shawl. During yoga session you can wear anything you like (as the monks won’t be able to see us then).

The weather will be rather hot and could be still a little humid. It is best to wear loose and comfortable clothes. Natural fabrics (cotton and linen) are preferable. Harem pants work really well here:) 

Besides yoga clothes, you may want to bring a pretty (but modest) outfit for Loi Krathong celebration to look nice for the pictures. We will have a professional photographer with us. The festival with all its ceremonies and rituals is very beautiful and quite special. It is one-of-a kind-experience and we are very lucky to be a part of it. The Festival will be celebrated in a traditional way.

For one night we will be staying in a different temple called Wat Tamai. We will stay in their “VIP” guest rooms. They are lovely wooden houses that look just like traditional Thai houses. That night we may stay 3 people in each room as the number of rooms for guests is very limited.

One day of the retreat will be a Silent Day. We ask our guests to keep silence among each other but they can talk to the facilitators if needed.

Just to let you know that the beds in the temple are slightly on the hard side.

We will be practicing Intermittent Fasting during our retreat. It means we will be eating during 9 hour window and fast during 15 hours. It is a very popular and very gentle way to allow the body to detox naturally. You can find lots of information online about Intermittent Fasting in case you are not familiar with this style of eating.

The diet at the temple will be mainly plant based with occasional eggs and fish sauce. We will have two meals out (they are not included in the price) and if you need to have animal protein that will be your chance:)

Most of the rooms/houses at the Temple have no conditioner but if you really need one, please let us know in advance as we have only one or two room with AC.

There is no Wi-Fi at the Temple except one spot by the coffee shop.

Since we will be living surrounded by nature there will be some insects and other bugs crawling around. 

Please, bring your own toiletries.

If this retreat sounds like a great fit for you please answer the questions below

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